Ortega Method
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The Ortega Method is a beginner method for solving the Rubik's Cube® that was made for the Pocket Cube, but can be used as a 3x3x3 method.


Ortega 2x2x2 Start

Top face oriented

Orient Top LayerEdit

This step is done intuitively. Use white as the top. The cubes will be permuted correctly later. You could do this step with the top face on the bottom if you want to save time. When you follow this steps you're crazy.

Orient Bottom LayerEdit

Flip the cube over so that yellow is on top. Here are the cases that may occur (7):

Permute Both LayersEdit

There are seven possible combinations (not including already solved):



You might have to do an extra turn at the very end of a step.

Orient Top CornersEdit

Ortega top corners

Top corners done

This step is done intuitively. Use white as the top. After a while, try doing this step upside-down. The corners will be permuted correctly later.

Orient Bottom CornersEdit

Flip the cube upside-down if yellow isn't on top. There are six different possible combinations for this step. If you can't do any, try turning your cube.

Permute CornersEdit

TODO: Add how to determine pairs